where: Imagine you are at the supermarket, you are in the produce section, picking out the ripest tomatoes. What happens? You use your eyes and hands to decide whether the tomato is at is peak or past it’s prime. What if your smartphone was trained to detect the freshness of the veggies and fruits you buy everyday to help determine if it’s close or past it’s expiration date? This is where we come in. We are developing mobile technology that can become our “e-nose“, in that it can help us in every day challenges, such as detecting if there is a gas leak, whether storage condtions are fair or for the men and women who may need nasal implants one day. We are always scoping other areas of application and urge you to contact us using the form above.


will: Where there’s a will, there’s a way and we are pioneering this incredible movement. We believe technology has never been more advanced and the need for this has never been greater. When you think back on the past, what is the most prominent sense that helps you relive that precious moment? We can look at pics, we can hold our stuffed animals but research shows, our sense of smell is the number one attribute tied to memory and one we WILL help re-capture through digital scent technology. Will you join us in helping bring this idea into the mainstream?


scent: We are making “scent” out of everything, with plans to entire the gaming industry, movie theaters, supermarkets and everything in between! We envision our technology helping out in hospitals and emergency rooms as a tool to provide doctors with electronic nose capabilities to detect viral and bacterial infections, or airports to detect odorless threats, such as bombs/drugs. Scent is one of our most underrated senses, yet, one of the most powerful in shaping our decision making, safety and well-being. where will #scent take you?


take: Take a stroll down memory lane. Where did you go? Wouldn’t that memory have been better if you could also smell mom’s homeade chocolate chip cookies? We think so too! Our technology will not only serve as a digital album of sorts, but it can also capture and respond to scents in it’s memory bank. The possibilities are endless and we want you to go for this ride with us, but don’t take our word for it, just listen Holladay Saltz’s Ted Talk!


you: We live in a world today that moves at breakneck speed, our attention spans our shorter and our ability to analyze information decreasing. At times, technology can be to blame, however, our primary goal here at Cologne and Cigarettes, is to utilize technology to help make better decisions with regards to smell, get real time scent based alerts and even digitize scent files to use for medical research advancement. You ready for this?