COLOGNE and CIGARETTES is revolutionizing the power of technology, by focusing on one of the most powerful forms of communication, and that is our sense of smell. Through digital scent technology, we can embrace the world around us a bit better, through basic applications such as determining quality of our meats and produce, to more advanced detetctions such as faint smells and odorless chemicals (gas leaks, etc). The applications for digital scent are endless and we are determined to take full advantge of the devices we know and love (smartphones, gaming consoles, smartwatches and eyewear) and create software and hardware that can then be deployed to help change the world. 

Cologne and Cigarettes was launched in April 2018, by Eric Frazier, who has had a passion for scent sensory and it’s profound effects on human beings since he was kid, and wanted to bring awareness and usher the advancement of scent based mechanics to a more current world climate, where technology is so prominent and has the power to change lives.

“We are a lifestyle brand, focused on capturing, recapturing and releasing scent digitally to be preserved, analyzed and capitalized” – Eric Frazier

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